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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Items from the Scrapbook of Cosmo Brown

NOTE: I first published this post on August 12, 2010. I post it again today
in honor of the 99th birthday of Gene Kelly.

*  *  *  *  *

(With Apologies to Betty Comden and Adolph Green)

I'm not at liberty to disclose how the following documents came into my possession. I think they pretty much speak for themselves.

Los Angeles Times, March 25, 1928

Los Angeles Times, March 28, 1928








Caftan Woman said...

Now I can stop tossing and turning at night wondering...

I am in awe of that "found" material. You have my utmost admiration.

DorianTB said...

Jim, this is the first time I've read, and I'm in love! "Items from the Scrapbook of Cosmo Brown" is a brilliant, wicked, cleverly-constructed piece of satire! Everyone who loves SINGIN' IN THE RAIN should read this. Heck, even everyone who hasn't seen SINGIN'... should read this, though seeing the movie first couldn't hurt! :-) Great post!

Grand Old Movies said...

Of course, the REAL question is whether the whole thing was a conspiratorial set-up by Monumental Pictures to clear its payroll... BRAVO! splendid 'alternative' history! Brilliant, hilarious post!

Jim Lane said...

Thanks, all! This little cache of letters and clippings really was an eye-opener for me. GOM, I think you may be on to something. Were you able to deduce the identity of Dora Bailey's informant at Monumental?

Kelli Marshall said...

This is by far the most bizarre Singin' in the Rain-related material I've ever seen! Thanks for posting. Hope you don't mind that we're featuring it over at Gene Kelly Fans as well:

Jim Lane said...

Welcome, Kelli! And thanks for the link from your charming and extensive Gene Kelly site. I urge my readers to Check it out.

Kelli Marshall said...

No problem! Also enjoyed your (extensive) posts on the Debbie Reynolds auction. What treasures!! :)

Kevin Deany said...

Laugh out loud funny. Loved every one of them.

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