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Links and Resources

 Here are some movie-oriented sites I think you'll find interesting. The list is a work in progress; be sure to check often for updates

Carole & Co  A potpourri of info, pics and miscellanea about Carole Lombard

Cinevent  I never miss Cinevent; it's a great chance to meet old friends and fellow movie-lovers. Check out their site and see if you don't go straight off to book your flight to Columbus.

Classic Movie Blog Association  I'm a proud member, and in excellent company. Just scroll down their membership roster; it's a great short-cut to lots of blogs you'll love if you like mine.

Disney History  Blogger Didier Ghez is on a quest to create a clearinghouse of articles, interviews and other items relating to Uncle Walt; he's also the editor of the Walt's People series -- 10 volumes so far.

Film Noir Foundation  Dedicated to the encouragement and preservation of that cult-iest of movie genres.

Greenbriar Picture Shows  My friend John McElwee is the dean of classic movie bloggers; 'nuff said.

Hello, Harold Lloyd  A terrific font of information on all things Lloyd, hosted by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd (no relation).

How the West Was Won  This is my favorite movie, and if I never post on it it'll be because this site covers it so well. Updates are infrequent, but the info available here is pretty comprehensive.

Icons Radio Hour  John Mulholland's archive of interviews on the subject of Hollywood icons -- with friends, family, co-workers and, when he was lucky, the icons themselves -- is an embarrassment of riches.

Kevin's Movie Corner  Thoughtful, perceptive essays on all kinds of movies, classic-era and otherwise, well-written and nicely illustrated.

Laura's Miscellaneous Musings  It's not all movies, as the name suggests, but what there is is quite a potpourri of info on movie-related stuff all over the Web.

Loving the Classics  If you can't find a title at Amazon or Netflix, try here

Silent Ladies and Gents  Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Tales of the Easily Distracted  Dorian Tenore-Bartilucci doesn't limit herself to Golden Age Hollywood, and her special focus is film noir and suspense; her knowledge is erudite, her style conversational, and her observations as delightful as her name.

Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood Disney's version of the tale serves as the springboard for an exhaustive blog on all things Robin. You'll get lost in this one if you don't watch out.

When Movies Were Movies  A veteran of Indianapolis TV, Dave Smith is also a veteran film buff and author.

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